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Food Mentors LTD

Welcome to our company

Food Mentors Trading Ltd specializes in imports of a variety of products, especially frozen, and HO.RE.CA customer service. Adequately, our company serves customers via our retail shop.

Food Mentors LTD

At Food Mentors, both, the catering professional and the demanding connoisseur, can find a wide variety of premium meat products for a complete tasting and nutrition experience at a high level because meat has great nutritional value, taste, and most importantly is a gastronomic experience that deserves attention and respect.
Having the largest variety of excellent, certified quality items, providing additional valuable consulting services to all our partners such as hotels, restaurants, bistros (s), wine bars, specialty stores, chefs, market managers, and individuals who love good food and trust us, at Food Mentors we are proud to share our knowledge, expertise, and love for premium meat, with partners who seek to offer the best quality to their customers, to experiment and create in the field of catering and gastronomy.
Food Mentors offers premium products, gastronomic ingredients, and quality solutions to both catering professionals and people who are mainly interested in the quality of products that consume what is now commonly called Clean Eating. Through our knowledge, we try to educate, inform, and evolve our clients into conscious consumers; consumers that have positive purchase decisions on social, economic, and environmental impact.
At Food Mentors we invest in knowledge and in-depth understanding of the process of animal breeding and the product’s selection based on the high-quality ingredients. The vision of our company is to lead on quality, efficiency, traceability, and sustainability. The continuous develop, research, and innovate in all departments of our business are the main keys to achieve the above vision.


Customer Focus
Our customers are on the top of our pyramid. We believe in generating relationships based on mutual trust and shared expertise, so that we can deliver our customers a true commercial advantage.
Service is one of the main values of our company. We believe an excellent and fast service in selection, pricing, and distribution must be provided to our customers each and every day according to their needs.
Trustworthiness and constancy
Business trustworthiness and constancy are essential to acquiring and retaining loyal suppliers. Maintaining the suppliers and the quality of the products give to our company the strong partnership with our customers; long-term collaboration brings long-term success.
Development and Education
The best business performance is performed by powering employees’ growth and developing their knowledge, skills, and their capabilities. Through the employee’s growth we will achieve the informing of consumers, since we will give them our knowledge and passion.

Health & Safety

Food Mentor is a top-quality foodservice wholesaler certified with the Food safety management system ISO 22000:2018.
Our company only sources products from manufacturing suppliers adhering to a HACCP-based food safety system. Our premises are certified and approved by all relevant governmental authorities.
Food Mentors transports products in temperature-controlled trucks ensuring product delivery is within temperature requirements. We are widely acknowledged for importing the highest quality products practicing the best quality assurance program.

Meet Our Team

At Food Mentors we invest in the knowledge and continuous education of our people on issues related to the origin of meat and its special characteristics, cuts, and cooking methods to always suggest the most appropriate raw material for each case.
Extensive product knowledge and a client-centric approach also define our business approach.
All our personnel undergo on-the-job training and periodic refresher training to ensure that everyone stays up-to-date and able to deliver to our clients the utmost value from their trust in our team.